About Mooz

A traditional and sustainable brand, in which we produce handmade clothing.
Every piece we create tells a story of authenticity and style. At Mooz we strive to provide unique garments that stand out in any crowd. Our designs effortlessly bring together casual-chic and streetwear, where comfort and elegance go hand in hand.
Story behind the clothes

Mooz was born from a love for fashion and design, which arose during my Fashion Design studies at the Vogue Academy. Aware of the challenges in the clothing industry, I decided to do things differently. At Mooz the focus is on:
  • design and produce in the Netherlands.
  • handmade items under fair working conditions.
  • use of high-quality fabrics.
  • limited editions to prevent overproduction.
At Mooz we not only embrace style, but also responsibility. So that you wear our items with pride and pleasure. Timeless designs that you will cherish year after year as your 'forever favorite'.



Mooz believes that wanting to contribute to a better world and a love for fashion should be possible together.

Mooz is for the woman who feels beautiful and confident and with that  is aware of what is going on in the fashion industry.

We offer you a hand to make as little impact as possible in the field of fashion, all you have to do is take it. We make a difference together!


Sharing positivity and showcasing the hard work of a small business by being 100% transparent with you is not only our mission, but also our promise. At Mooz we are proud of our openness and involvement.