Mooz is convinced that sustainability and a love for fashion can go together, a mix of forever favorites and items related to what is currently happening in the fashion field.

Mooz believes that wanting to contribute to a better world and a love for fashion should be possible together. All items are handmade in our studio in Haarlem.

Mooz stands for love for fashion, including how a product is created and whether this is done in a fair manner!

  • We design and produce on Dutch soil.
  • Each item is handmade under fair working conditions.
  • Working with good quality fabrics so that you can enjoy your item for an extra long time.
  • Buy small quantities of fabric to prevent overproduction.
  • Forever favorites are key! In the process of designing our collections we take into account that the items must be timeless and that you therefore want to grab your forever favorite again every year!

All our fabrics are also OEKO-TEX® certified.
This means that the fabric is completely free of harmful chemicals. All factors involved in the production of the fabric are taken into account. Such as the paint used and the fibers with which the fabric is woven.